The German Brand Hugo Boss opened its doors in the heart of Yerevan

At Z&A stores we are constantly reinventing our boutique’s world.
At Z&A stores we are pleased to announce that on the 20th of May took place the opening of the most elegant and bold brand of the 21st century, the ultimate store of Hugo Boss at 12 Northern Avenue.
In this boutique reign a serene atmosphere with a touch of colors, timeless style and a breath of inspiration for those who look for an adventure.
This boutique is the perfect place for the man who knows what he wants and appreciates the details in every creation.

Hugo Boss define the style of a solid, strong, powerful and influential man.

Chasing a dream…

At Z&A stores we always follow our biggest dreams to reinvent and achieve the best. Rosie luxury boutique debuts a spectacular renovation at 12 Northern Avenue.

The visit of ASUE students at Z&A stores 

At Z&A stores we are proud to announce that young talents are always welcomed to set up a strong and independent future. This year the students of ASUE got the chance to visit our stores and got acquainted to the work of our professional and experience the world of fashion. More than 350 young talents are creating their future in Z&A store since 2006 with the passion at the heart of their daily creation. Z&A stores give the opportunity to each and every team member to identify their singularity and implement it in their everyday project. At Z&A stores magical atmosphere is everywhere. Our generation is the future generation

Z&A stores New Year Event

At  Z&A stores our destiny is in our hands. The spirit of solidarity in the heart, our team celebrated 2020 as never before. The night was filled of rewards and excited moments. The evening was full of surprises: played raffles with a prize of trip to Egypt, traditional dances, life music and DJ.The reward experience is one of the most exciting moment during the night. Z&A stores recompense its dedicated team members every year with precious awards. These kind of events improve our motivation and reflect our zest of life.

1st of June at Z&A stores

At Z&A stores we love to  celebrate childhood. For children’s day on the 1st of June series of events were organized at Burberry, Polo Ralph Lauren and Rosie stores. The day was filled with lots of amazing and different activities such as: The Polo Bear, Disney heroes, clowns, painted t-shirts, played games and candy catering for all invitees. We wish to all kids around the world a peaceful and happy childhood.